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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

British Guyana or Guiana?

Day 24 (350 km)

     8 am, we were on the road again, this time to the first town in Brazil, Boa Vista and on a decent 2 lane highway, we made the 240 km in two and a half hours. Filled up with gas , but this time $ 5.25 a gallon and our free gas party came to an end. From there to Bonfim, what is a border place on a beautiful paved highway, without cars and we reached there around noon, turned in the moto papers, but to get the immigration exit stamp, we had to wait till 2 pm. 2:15 pm we were on the Guyana side and after health inspection! (Yellow fever vax), I was allowed to see the immigration, who gave me 3 days and I told him, probably I will be out in 2.  Scotty of course forgot his Yellow fever and after talking to him, he got pardoned and was let in the country as well, then we had to start the process to get the bikes in and for that we had to go in town to buy a $ 17.00 policy, return to the helpful girl with a ton of photo copies and 5 pm I left their office with all their paperwork, so I can go tomorrow to the capitol “Georgetown”
     Had local Chinese food and just like in Utila in the early days, they had to start the generator first. They speak the same slang as Utilians, so they were surprised, I could understand them and even talk to them back in the same fashion.

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