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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crossing the Amazone River with a bike takes 24 hours!


Day 33 (125 km)

       We woke up in the smallest a/c room so far this trip, no more as 6 x 10 ft and had 2 beds, toilet and shower in it, but was only $ 20.00 for the night and this includes “caffee” what means in Brazil, breakfast included and sometimes, they are very good with fresh baked bread! The bikes were still packed of the day before (No space inside the room) and left for Santana, which is the port city of Macapa and reached  the dock 9 am, where we had a first glimpse of the Amazon River. Saw some cargo boats and a few minutes later we found out, one was leaving within the hour for Belem. After arguing the price for half an hour, we agreed for $ 375.00 for 2 bikes, 2 people and one A/C cabin with bunk beds.
      Bikes were rolled on the boat quick and surprisingly, the boat almost left on time 10:30 am for the 24 hour trip. The boat was already packed with people laying like sardines in hammocks down stairs in the heat. Upstairs is where the cabins are and there was even a hammock VIP room with A/C next to us.
     Third floor was where the covered deck was with the restaurant /bar and already a lot of people were sitting on tables with beer in front of them, loud music, so we decided, we might well join them and celebrate our luck again, that we just came in time to catch this boat!
Tomorrow Belem, the end of our trip and there we have to search for a secure place to park our bikes for 10 weeks, then by our ticket back to Honduras, wash our wet clothes. So hopefully within 3 days all is arranged! 

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