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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Driving the Coastline of Suriname

Day 28 (391 km)

     Having for the first time a decent breakfast, which was as a compliment to the hotel, we had bread (punt broodjes), cheese, salami, bakkeljauw, fruit and a variety of morning drinks, so the day started good and we left around 9 am for the capitol “Paramaribo”. 4 hours later, we arrived and the chaos in traffic was enormously and it started to drizzle. To get to the other side we had to cross the big narrow bridge over the Suriname River, which was quite impressive and very high, then the road to Albina started, which is the border village on the river with French Guiana. 

This road was under construction and some parts, they just laid the tarmac and some parts there was red mole again and thick gravel, what took all our attention again, so we wouldn’t drop the bikes. Thick gravel is hard to drive on, the front wheel start to search and sliding from one side to the other and it feels like you lose control all the time! Around five, we reached the ferry terminal; to find out that there is no ferry till Sunday 3 pm and all is in the hands by a French company and all the want to get paid in Euro’s. Disappointed we checked in the only local hotel, what was not much but cheap, looked for the only Chinese restaurant to get some food and Pardo beer by the liter and decided tomorrow is maintenance day for the bikes, to kill some time till 3 pm

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