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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Riohacha, another port on the Atlantic

Day 15 (413 km)

     After the big party in town, we decided we couldn't take it anymore and left town around noon and took the beach road towards Santa Marta. To get there we had to pass Barraquilla, another big beach town, but we can't see them all..... and if we want to end up in Brazil, we have to keep going, so we had a late lunch at the waterfront In Santa Marta, which looked nice and a lot of people were walking up and down the beach promenade with a lot of loud music out of the bars and restaurants, took some pictures and afterwards, tried too reach Riohacha which is more east and closer to the border with Venezuela. 


We rolled into Riohacha town around six and we were allowed to park our motorcycles in the living room of the "Colonial" hotel and walked around the beachfront that evening, got a few beers and called it the night!

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