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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Following the Orinoco River East!

Day 21 (729 km)

Barge ferry,over the Orinoco
      The morning started early and had to get to the dock to catch the ferry over the Orinoco River and the $ 1.00 passage was a breeze and some other cars and trucks joined us. It took only 15 minutes and we were in the Amazonas province of Venezuela.

     Because Colombia was bordering the river, there are no gas stations in operation, I guess to try to stop of cheap gas to the Colombian side. but talked to the people on the barge and they said the next town 30 minutes away, gas would be available, so we took off towards that town, even-though it would take us out our way and had to backtrack then to get east. The problem here, is that nobody has the faintest idea how far distances are or how long it takes to drive to it, and Google maps are the worst

Dangerous these grooves for a motorcycle
 inaccurate maps in the world, especially the road details! so after 45 minutes I asked an house, if they sold gas and he did and gave us 30 liters for about $ 0.20 a liter instead of the usually $ 0.01, but we were happy and turned around to the east to get to the next gas station 200 km away and this we kept doing till we reached late in Ciudad bolivar after 700 km and nine and half driving hours. There is hardly any traffic and might have seen 50 cars all day!
    Checked into an Hotel with internet, so I could update my blogs from the last few days 

Old Classic Truck

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