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Sunday, November 18, 2012

We found gold in “El Dorado” mining town

Day 22 (416 km)

That is how you carry ice home on Sunday morning

    Ciudad Bolivar was just a big dirty city on the Orinoco River with a lot of poverty areas and presumable dangerous area as a few locals told me last night when I was asking for directions and I said to myself, only Utila, Honduras is dangerous in my eyes, because they know me there, the rest of the world is no worries to me and will never be. So we left around 8 am and in no while on a beautiful paved autopiste we reached Ciudad Guyana 100km away and worked our way to the “Gran Sabana” south and decided to go to El Dorado mining town what is like the Wild West in the eighteen hundreds in the USA but then worse. We reached on a Sunday, what made things worse, or actually better and all the saloons were full with wasted drunks and with the associated music and screaming and Scotty said right away, we going to stay here, Ted Danger and Scotty were once looking for El Dorado in Honduras some 20 years ago, never found it, till Scotty stumbled upon it here! There is some irony in this!
Fuel racket in El Dorado
Looked for the only decent Hotel in town, parked the bikes in front of the room inside a hallway and the room had a/c, which was needed in 40 C, took a shower before the water runs out and hit town to see what is happening.
     Tomorrow, we should reach Brazil; it is another 300km away or so

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