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Thursday, November 15, 2012

It is cold in Venezuela!

Day 19 (554 km)

   Left the hotel very early to make some ground progress towards the East, but first we had to climb to 3600 meter on a small narrow road to get out of Merida towards Baritas what is on sea level again. Towards the top it started to get chilly and did not feel too good the last 2 days, so had to add warm clothes, but the scenery was world class. It took us 4 hours to get to the low lands, filled up with gas, this time we got 52 gallons for a dollar, because we didn't buy super or they ripped us off last time!

 And then we started to get in the “Los Llanos”, what is a flooded savanna, where we finally saw our first Flamingos by the hundreds as well Caymans, Capybaras, right alongside the road. As far as your eyes could stretch, you could see thousands of cattle in grass pieces. Then my exhaust got some loud problems and had to slow down and ended up in a hole with a nice hotel, just before dark, so I could fix the exhaust tomorrow.

This was our longest ride so far this trip and was sore of sitting in the saddle, almost 11 hours!


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