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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another zoo border into Costa Rica, called Penas Blanca

Day 4 (490 km)

Left Ocotal, Nicaragua early in the morning around 7 am, I wanted to reach Costa-Rica, so we had plenty of miles to go. Decided to have a stop in the Masaya Volcano national park, which was almost on the way to Costa-Rica, about halfway and around 11 am arrived there and did the photo shoot and continued to the border another 2 hours away!

Once we reached the border on both side the pandemonium started to get useless copies of papers, pay non existing fees and put up with their crab for about 2 hours and left the border with a shit load of papers more and reached Canas around 6 pm in a little drizzle rain, not even enough to get wet, checked into a 
fancy $ 50.00 hotel with all the amenities and had Chinese food again with the necessary beers to lessen the thirst, had a good internet connection in the a/c room, what was nice for a change, last few days were bad or slow!
Tomorrow Panama, probably the city of David and planning to take the pacific coast road through Quepos, what is new to me, because 30 years ago this was a dirt road, we will see tomorrow, how the improvements are!

On a side note, I still have problems with the gas tank and we can not figure it out!
With a full tank , I can drive 140 miles only and the the engine start cutting out, normally I can drive 220 miles, before I fill up, so why is this happening, I know it is not water, so what is the reason? I am open for suggestions. 
After the engine stops, I wait 2 minutes and she will start up again, but only for a few minutes and cut off again, she only runs good again if I fill the tank up completely!

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  1. Could be a few things, first though check to make sure the vent hole is clear in the cap, it could be the hole is blocked, creating a vacuum, try flipping the cap open when it stops and see if it runs OK to prove it.