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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First hectic border crossing "Nicaragua"

Day 3 ( 157 km)

     Walked in the morning over to the DEI, which is the Honduran agency, which takes care of the motor vehicles, to see if our plates were in this office, the ones, we so desperately needed, after waiting in line and not having too much patience, they tended to me and showed him all the necessary documents (about 30 or so for our bikes and believe it or not, we ended to have to go to another office to finalize RTN numbers, we were actually doing their work! but anyway finally around 10 AM, I got plates, then Scotty went to look for his bank and after 2 hours he came back and 1 pm we left for Los Manos border with Nica, which was 2 hours away.

Arriving their, our police friend from last year was still there harassing  people and gave us the runaround and told us we can not come in again with our false plates, I smiled and showed us our brand new plates and he insisted that we had to mount them and asked us for any other paper, he could think about, for us to deny access to Nicaragua, but I had them all and eventually let us pass 2 hours later.

We made it to the next town, Ocotal and called it the day and we celebrated that we beat their system again with "Tonia" beer and a good steak dinner in a over priced hotel, "Hotel Fronteras", the name says it all!

Tomorrow we like to see if we can get to Costa-Rica, sofar no rain!

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