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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Olanchito is in Yoro, not Olancho!

Day 1 ( 121 km )

Tonia c
Bikes covered up
     Sunday morning, we pulled up by the Tonia C to board our bikes again, But it was only Scotty and me, Chris could not make it due to problems with the bike and after securing the bikes, the boat set sail around noon in a drizzle for the mainland. 3 hour later, we reached the City of La Ceiba and disembarked our moto's, paid our ties ($6.00) to the Portuario for using their dock and were on our way to Olanchito Yoro, where we planned to stay the night. 

Getting dark

Secured parking
      Olanchito, we reached in a little more of an hour on a decent paved road, we almost reached after dark, and thankfully it didn't rain, looked for an hotel and found one basic one for $ 15.00 with internet and a Chinese place around the corner, so had our dinner and a few beers before 7pm and talked about the "Carretera de Muerto", which is the route we wanted to take south towards the main highway from Catacames-Tegucigalpa. This road is all dirt and through the mountains and had a bad reputation for the last 40 years due to land disputes, which were solved Wild West style.

Yours truly

  Normally you will not see a person on this road and were wondering about the condition of the road after the heavy rainfall, we had in the last few days. We could have taken the La Ceiba-Progresso-Tegus road, which is paved all the way, but is kind of boring, after have done that a hundred time!

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