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Friday, November 29, 2013

Hard day in paradise!

Day 26 (220 km)

     After a good breakfast, we left 8 am to go back to Argentina.  We already heard about the road quality, what was a disaster for motorcycles. They were in the process of asphalting the “Carretera Austral" and preparing the road with a thick layer of gravel and by doing so you could not go faster as 20 km and we had 70 km to go before making a right turn towards Argentina to a border place called “Futaleufu” on the Chilean side. This road was not much better and I think I had an hundred close calls of wiping out, but was lucky.

     After seen some more spectacular scenery, we reached the border around 2 pm, did our paperwork fast and soon we were on our way to Esquel about 60 km away and of course on Ripio again.
      Esquel is a very small town and a gateway to some national parks and decided to stay nights, do laundry and rest.

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