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Monday, November 11, 2013

Peninsula Valdes, Penguins and Elephant seals

Day 8 ( 372 km)

     Received a meager breakfast and decided to go to Peninsula Valdes, a mere 150 km away. Paid the entrance fee of $ 14.00 US and took the only narrow road to the Iberia inside the park, which is enormously big area, probably 4000 sq/km.


The first wild live, we saw, was a Guanaco standing on the side of the road and soon reached the visitor centre and asked around were to go. It seems the penguins, seals and orcas are all around the coastline this time of the year, so after leaving the visitor centre , we continued to the only village 25 km down the road, called Puerto Piramides, checked into a basic hotel and took all the bags of the motorcycles, fueled up again and after a snack went to the other side of the park 80 km away on a unpaved road made out of “ripio” , this is a common type of road here in South America and will see plenty of this further south and in the Andes

     It is one of these roads, if you drive less as 40 km, you will have a hard time staying on the bike, because the front wheel is searching the whole time for balance on the hard packed road with loose gravel and sometimes sand, once you get 80 km+ speed the bikes feel better, but I guess if you wipe out it hurts more, especially if you encounter some thick gravel patches. 

Elephants could have been on the side of the road and I would not have seen them, all I was doing, was focusing on the road in front of me, so I would not fall. Anyway on the end of the day we did 200km on ripio without falling and tomorrow have to tide up every bolt and have to start taken some ibuproven in the future to get the sourness out of my body!



      So reaching the first spotting side an hour later, all we saw was Magellan penguins and some other spots nearby, hundreds of Elephant seals. They were all over the coastline. After the first beer, the road became better and could keep up with Scotty on this ripio. After 2 to 3 hours of driving, we reached the hotel, got the dust out of me and strolled into town to get some food and beer

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