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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Puerto San Julian, cold windy place at the sea

Day 10 (437 km)

   Had only 6 hour sleep, due to the late arrival yesterday and the late dinner ( Early for Argentinians), but we had to take the bikes out of parking before 8 about 2 blocks away from the hotel. The good thing all was still packed so easy for us to take off after breakfast around 10 am.

    The wind must have disappeared today and were making good time on a beautiful new paved highway and were cruising 110 km p/h to get to Puerto San Julian, what was the only small town about halfway between Comodoro Rodavia and Rio Gallegos 800 km more south.

   The terrain became a little bit more curvy and we went through some low hills, but besides that the road is straight and it look like a gravel pit on both side of the road with no trees and hardly any bushes, looks like a lunar landscape. The temperature is in the low teens Celcius and driving this speed becomes chilly, especially if it is cloudy and soon had to take my ski clothes and ski gloves out of the bags to stay warmer.

     3 hours later I felt the chain or sprocket was slipping and noticed that there was a lot of slack, but did not really want to play with it, afraid of getting worse, so glad we made it in San Julian and after a spin in town, checked out an hotel on the sea. On the outside it looks like it was out of our budget, but the manager came outside and a little bit later we were sold to the $ 27.00 room and this room 5 stars, was the nicest room we ever stayed in and had all the amenities you could think about, from spacious room, covered parking, bar, restaurant and WiFi.

    Fixed the chain a little later, greased it with oil and hopefully that will do the job and we will find out tomorrow.

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