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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back to Honduras, give or take 15000 km as the crow flies

Day 16 (212 km)

     Packed the motorcycles again this morning and were heading north now to ........ Honduras, but that will take a while to get there. Back tracked the same road to Rio Grande, where we decided to stay again to watch the soccergame "Holland - Colombia" . 

     You could see that that all roads lead to Ushuaia and it was unbelievable that of every 3 vehicles coming from the opposite direction had German license plates on their small Mercedes camper buses and some of them where Swiss.  All left for Ushuaia now, was to have German written menus in the restaurants, if it wasn't done already!

Trying Scotty's new toy, Go Pro video camera on the only pass between Ushuaia and Rio Grande

     The first 100 km today was cold and we found even ice on the moto's this morning! The last 100 km after we left the protected hills and reached the flats, the wind started to haul and I know we had 90 to 100km steady wind out of the north west bucking us and we had an hard time staying on the road and 2 pm we reached exhausted and with a stiff neck and cramped arms, Rio Grande.

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