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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carretera Austral, going north!

Day 24 (280 km)

    Left early to see if we can make it to Coihaique, 280 km away, what was the only small city in this part of the world, There is only one road and is called the Carretera Austral, so we never could get lost and this ripio road brought us again through snow capped mountains and this time through some big forests as well.

    Stopped for lunch 4 hours later in Cerro Castillo, a small village called after the enormously mountain, right in front of their door and were somehow lucky the last 100 km to Coihaique was paved, but very windy.

   I think the moto's getting banged up by this ripio a lot and noticed my exhaust by the cylinder is leaking and hopefully tomorrow it is just a matter of tightening up bolts. Scotty dropped the bike in almost standstill position today and the moto got a few more souvenirs. The gravel in this steep curve was to much for the bike and it's heavy luggage and  Scotty could not keep the bike up anymore.  After a while the moto started again and entered our destination for today and ended up in a very decent Hostel and could park our bikes in a covered garage, so I can work on it tomorrow!

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