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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Third time to South America and this time Ushuaia!

Day 1 & 2 (0 km)

  We left our Motorcycles parked in Mar del Plata with a friend in Argentina, so we are flying back to get reunited and bringing lots of spare parts to get Scotty's bike fixed again.

So I left on Sunday Utila already for La Ceiba to do some banking in the Mega Plaza and all banks were open except the one I needed "Bac Bamer" known as Credomatic, but still, it felt good to be on the main land, because you never know for sure on departure day, the weather might turn bad and then there is no ferry, so leaving a day early puts me on ease and it feels like the trip started. 

    There were some big National Partido parades in the streets of La Ceiba, with hundreds of cars and I watched all the blue colors, noise and flags passing by from the balcony of the hotel. Walking around in this parade with a red shirt would get you killed in 5 minutes or less and Ceiba has all ready a pretty good record without having a parade ( As you can see there are no pedestrians on the side walks)

    Later this evening my wife Shirley is coming over and we will do some shopping in the Mall and we will have a good meal in Applebees with some Miller Lite and after bringing her back to the ferry in La Ceiba the next morning, I will be heading for the airport.
     My first plane is leaving Monday 11:15 from La Ceiba to the capital Tegucigalpa. that is , if they let us on board, Airlines here are famous to apply any written rule such as immigration requirement in final country and of course we only have a one way ticket. I made some fake ones from an email I received years ago and photo shopped, copy and paste relevant data on the computer and choose an airline, they are not partners with, so I could show them a confirmed reservation in La Ceiba at the TACA counter that I have a ticket to get out of Argentina in the case they ask for one! It usually works, but will find out tomorrow. 

    In Tegus we have a 5 hour lay over and will notify our banks not to block our credit cards, by specifying which countries we are going to visit. Credomatic likes to block cards if travelling outside the country! Then @ 5 pm a short flight to Salvador and then around 9 pm a 2 hour flight to Panama, where we will spend the first night in walking distance from the airport, in a nearby hotel with A/C,. We know this hotel from our previous trips and there is cold beer in the refrigerator by the reception, so we can not get wrong! In Panama we will be 12 hours and leave next day noon for a 7 hour flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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