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Thursday, November 28, 2013

La Junta in Chile

Day 25 (269 km)

   Left late, because we had to fix our bikes, Scotty his odometer and I had to do my chain and exhaust. Once on the road north on the Carretera Austral, we hit some nice ripio and maybe I start getting good in this, because I had no problem going 80 km + and never thought one moment I was going to wipe out.

    The scenery around is magnificent and every corner had something new and more spectacular as before, It started to drizzle a little bit, but not enough to get is wet and so far we actually never had rain yet!

     Getting closer to La Junta we went through a forest with very narrow roads and steep climbs and Scotty made a nice video, which I will try to upload in the next few days.

    Had a very late lunch , by just going to a small supermarket where we bought bread, pate and cheese, sat outside in the plaza to eat it and went for the last hour to make it to La Junta, Filled up the bikes with gas, looked for a pension and found one. They made dinner for us and this pension was full of road workers, because they start to pave the Carretera Austral now and this makes it even harder now for motorcycles to stay upright. We are already warned that tomorrow the first 70 km will be a disaster for us with all the construction going on and earthmovers will have the whole road dug up with thick gravel and lot of sand and this is what motorcycles do not like!

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