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Saturday, November 9, 2013

On the road again!

Day 6 (467 km)

The 2 mechanics
My bike in pieces!
     Yesterday, they finished Scotty’s bike and then they took care of mine, did the regular maintenance changed my brakes, fixed my dashboard lights, installed my new odometer cable and found an oil leak behind the sprocket and had to replace a seal. A few hours later all was fixed and we followed with the 2 moto’s our friends car to his house and start packing all the luggage we had and this was way more as in the past and most of it was spare parts and all was heavy. After all bags were mounted, we took the family out for dinner and around 10 pm we walked to the hotel and called it the night.

Sacked and packed
    This next morning he picked us up and brought us back to his house and after a final inspection we took off and were excited that finally the trip begun and hoped it would all work out today.
    We thanked Hernan for all the work he did for us the last 3 days, actually the last 7 months and we would have been lost without him. So we took off a little after nine and were heading for Bahia Blanco a more or less 500 km west from us and somehow were concerned, if the bikes would hold up and after an half an hour my moto cut off and had to go on the side and saw quickly one of the fuel lines was not attached good and after a few minutes, we continued to be stopped by the first police check and he wanted to see our reflecting jackets and insurance! both we didn't have and 15 minutes later we continued, because they give up and did not understand our Spanish and he got confused.

   The weather was nice but a lot of breeze and cool temperatures, made us chilly on the bike and had to add layer of clothes and the road was flat with on both side pastures and hardly anybody living here, there are maybe 3 or 4  small towns and stopped for lunch half way in Tres Arroyos.

Filled up gas and continued. Clouds showed up and soon it even started to get colder and in one cigarette brake I noticed my oil was already low and some oil residue fumes came out the exhaust, bought some oil and hope this problem will disappear by it self, but will figure this out tomorrow.

 Reached Bahia Blanca in a drizzle rain and went for the first hotel we saw on the outskirts of town and ended up having made the right choice. the $30.00 value gave us a clean room, with hot water, the bikes in the courtyard covered and out of the rain, slow WiFi and could leave all our luggage downstairs in a storage room. After a hot bath, drove into town and had some dinner and headed back early to prepare for tomorrow. planning to take Route 3 south and still have to another 2500 km and I am sure it will be colder, 

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