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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Going South, 2500 km to go!

Day 7 (536 km)

        Left the hotel 9 am on a quite Sunday morning and within no time hit Route 22 west towards Bariloche 800 km away. This road was an almost straight road and after 160 km, we finally made a left turn and from now on it was all going to be south till Ushuaia another 2500km!  This day was completed different then Yesterday and all the extra clothes we put on this morning for the cold, soon we had to take them off, the sun was burning, no clouds and no rain, but 50 km wind, so we were most of the time paying attention, not to be blown off the road and the more south, the harder the winds blows, up to 100 km an hour or more! We still were doing 100+ km p/h and after a lunch stop in the middle of nowhere, we stopped in Sierra Grande, a dusty small town around 4 pm.

 All the scenery in the last 2 days is almost the same with most of it unusable for agriculture or anything else; there are almost no trees anymore, just dust and low shrubs. There are no people living between the small towns and these towns are all more as 100 km apart, so we decided to fill up with gas before I run into trouble, I use about 20 to 25% more gas as Scotty and I do not want to talk about my oil consumption yet, We just found some on sale here $ 4.00 a liter 20/50 Mobil 4 stroke for motorcycles and we bought the store empty! We have to wait to get some food and beers till 8:30 this evening, because all is closed till then. Anyway we did 1000 km so far and the moto’s are still running good and are getting our confidence little by little back, Scotty has to change his already in a few minutes, due to the fact he changed pistons, rings and cylinder, I just burn it, so we still using the same amount or actually he uses more!


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