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Friday, November 22, 2013

Finally the famous route 40 in Argentina

   Day 19 (278 km) 

     Left Natales for the Argentinian border going north towards NP Torres deL Paine about 65 km away on a beautiful new paved road. The park is the main attraction in the area and considered the eighth wonder of the world and is a mekka for hikers in the high Andes! We decided not to go and entered Argentina instead on a desolated dirt road by a border post called “Cerro Castilla” and 15 minutes later, we were 2 stamps in our passport richer again. The weather was very nice today with lots of sun, dry and warm walking and cool on the moto and not too much breeze.

    To get to Route 40, we had to do another 10 km on ripio and then the (in)famous Route 4o ( more as 5000 km long from the Bolivian border to Cabo Virginas , just south of Rio Gallegos on the Atlantic ocean) showed up and went north on a brand new paved road towards Calafata 200 km away. About halfway, we had another 60 km ripio and on the junction was a very lonely gas station

 and around 4  pm we entered Calafata, a very touristic small town and this place was the base for all the Glaciar parks 80 km more to the west and the most well-known was called “Perito Moreno” we are going there tomorrow! Calafata was also situated on the south shore of one of the famous lakes Argentina has, “Lago Argentino”

     Found a motel like hotel with a nice courtyard and were able to park the bikes in front of the room and decided to stay 2 nights. Walked the busy mean street later that evening and this village was full of tourists and this was still considered low season!

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