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Monday, November 25, 2013

Cuevo Los Manos in the desert.

Day 22 (385 km)

   Had to fix the bike this morning! One of the problems was my chain again had too much play again and tightened it up a little bit more and wonder how long it will take more, to change the sprockets and put a new chain on.

    Secondly, both my head lights are not working anymore and found a blown fuse and the new fuse blew as well, so that fixed that problem! Could not find the short, so no more lights for me.

    So left around nine and 4 hours later reached Bajo Caracoles and this serrlement had maybe 10 houses and a gas station and we had some home cooked food there and continued to Cuevo de los Manos, what had an UNESCO heritage status, for exceptional historic paintings in a cave and being in a nice setting.

   The canyon was stunning, as well the 43 km side road and ending up in a canyon, the tour was so so and the 9000 old paintings from  thousands of hand imprints, I did not really see the historic value of it and to me it was just kinder garden material.

       Almost 6 pm, we left the sight to get to the border with Chile, Los Antigos and Chile Chico, but at 8 pm, we had enough of it and stayed in the only place in between "Perito Moreno"

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