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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chile, from The North to the South in one day!

Day 12,13 (365 km)

    We spend 2 nights in Rio Gallegos and Friday became our rest day and visit the Malvinas (Falkland) war museum, where they try to convince you, that the Malvinas belongs to Argentina and remembering the war of 1982. After an hour or so, we decided to have a beer session and got after 10 pm home and tried to get some sleep, because we wanted to leave early to make the almost 400 km to Rio Grande, To get there we had to enter Chile, do the paperwork for the bikes, catch a ferry to cross the narrow ends of the street of Magellan, and then enter Argentina again.

     The first border after leaving Gallegos was about an hour away and lost at least 2 hours on the Chilean side to do our paperwork, but finally we were on our way to the ferry what was another hour away, We just reached on time to catch it and surprisingly nobody charged us or the bikes and the crossing took less as 20 minutes. On the other side is where the big island "Tierra del Fuego starts and has to be shared between Argentina and Chile. To get to Ushuaia, you have to drive through Chile for about a 170 km and the last 100 km is ripio,

     I am still not an hero on ripio, although the ripio was very well graded and there was hardly any thick gravel patches.  So I was doing bout 50 km average, but knew we could have went at least 80 or 90 km, but like I said, I am not an hero anymore and can not afford to fall ( it hurts) 

   Anyway we dodged all the rain today, besides a few sprinkles and were lucky again,even all we saw was black clouds today, To stay warm today, I put on my ski clothes from years ago and had 4 or 5 layer of sweaters and pants, because anyway you take this wind by 5 Celcius, it is cold, it supposed to snow in Ushuaia tomorrow and is only 3 hours away!

The hotel we found in Rio Grande was small and the heater was turned up to at least 40 C and had a good hot shower, Rio Grande became from a village 20 years ago to a boom town, because of oil and gas discovery the last few years and was a buzzing city with all the amenities and shops you can think about.

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