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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chile and on our way towards Punta Arenas

Day 17 (237 km)

     The breeze made so much noise last night, that it kept us wake all night. Around 7 tried to take a shower, but only boiled hot water came out the faucet, no cold water was working. 
The day started bad already and the wind was hauling outside, but clear skies.

      we started to prepare to do the 90 km on paved road to the Chilean border, but it took almost 2 hours and sometimes could not go more as 40 km due to the intense  side wind we encountered, god only knows how strong it was. If a truck passed us either way, the breeze almost picked us up and throw you of your bike and our hands were starting getting cold and cramped up again, from desperately holding on to the handlebar and trying the moto up straight. Most of the time it felt we were riding in a 45 degree angle!

      The 2 border post 14 km apart, went fast. Drank some coffee and a pastel and prepared for the next 150 km on dirt road (ripio) to get to Porvenir, which is the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego of the Chilean side.

   The first 50 km went reasonable, but then the gravel started to thicken up and 4 hours later we sailed in Porvenir. Made reservation on the ferry for Punta Arenas and is leaving tomorrow 7 am sharp and the voyage is 2 hours!

      Looked for an hotel and all were located in one street, but none came up so far we could compare it to, but all charged $ 50.00 US and more. 
We knew Chile was expensive, but now we knew for sure!

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