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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flat tire syndrome in Punta Arenas!

Day 18 ( 293 km)

    Had to get up around 4:30 in the morning and it was all ready daylight to catch the ferry from Porvenir to Punta Arenas and precisely 6 am, we reached the dock, which was about 5 km away from the overpriced hotel. Went inside to pay for the 2 bikes $ 21.00 each and the riders are free!

     Putting the bikes on the boat, Scotty noticed, I had a flat rear tire and I was almost sure there was a conspiracy against me if it comes to flat tires. There is no where in this world, I can get more as 10 flat tires since the bike left Honduras and Scotty had never had a flat tire yet. Start to think what happened this time, because I just put a brand new tire on the bike in Ushuaia 500 km ago and drove the last 150 km on ripio and nothing happened! Anyway they secured the bikes on the ferry with straps and we went upstairs to get some coffee. Met a Dutch couple with a jeep and asked them to help me on the other side after we leave the ferry with my bike, using their cigarette socket in their car to use our 12 volt pump. Had a nice conversation with them and they had almost similar plans as we did to get to the north of Argentina and Chile, so probably will bump again 
into them!

     During the 2 hour trip, I was hoping that the flat was caused by a nail or so instead of guessing again why I have these problems and was the happiest man in the world, when I found a very small broke off nail in the tire and this time finally I new the reason and was relieved. As well the flat happened on a convenient spot, right by the ferry, instead of in the middle of nowhere, so after all I was "lucky"

     Changed the inner tube quick in Punta Arenas and took off in drizzling weather for Puerto Natales about 250 km north. 

     The nice paved road had almost no traffic and nowhere to stop from not getting wet, but on the end it wasn't too bad and it start to clear up just before Puerto Natales, which is surrounded by snow capped mountains and on first site entering the small town, they were depending completely on tourists and had tens of Hostels in town  and found one quick in the centre and a lot of tourist were walking the streets and there were plenty of restaurants, one next to the other.

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