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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chile again!

Day 23 (204 km)

   Perito Moreno, we left for the border town of Los Antiguos, we had to do some small repairs on both bikes. Scotty had to do some welding on his stand what collapsed from all the weight he is carrying and I had to do an oil change and look into the chain again.

   An hour later, we reached the town and found out there was no gas and I was empty and was guaranteed I could gas in Chile for double the price. We found in a taller a welder and 2 hour later all was fixrd again and had a midday lunch.

   The border we reached @ 1 pm and told us it will be open again at 3 pm. The aduane guy looked a long time at our paperwork and asked me finally what is the nationality of the bike, because on all the papers it said nowhere Honduras.  I told him let me see the revision and I will show him and after studying the paper, I had to agree with him and told him that everything is possible in Honduras and he had to laugh. It was the first time for him that the title of the bike did not mention the country who issued it and I had to agree with him.

    Soon after that we reached the border town "Chile Chico" about 5 km away and filled up with expensive gas for about $ 7.00 a gallon and then finally we were on our way @ 4pm on ripio along side the lake to do about 120 km what took us more as 3 hours through the most beautiful road, I ever drove through.

   We ended up in a small village "Puerto Jaidal" and stayed in a private house, that rented rooms out, they cooked for us and even went to the local grocery store to get a few liters of beer.

    Tomorrow 8 km a nd the we will be on the most beautiful road in the world, the "Carretera Austral"

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