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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trelew, a Welch settlement and further South again.

Day 9 (553 km)

    Woke up sore from the day before and started to fix the bikes by fastening up bolts and attaching the blinking lights and use silicone to stop it from rattling. After breakfast, we made our way back out of the peninsula and an hour later hit Route 3 again to go further south. The wind was hauling sideways with more as 85 km p/h and had an hard time staying on the road and were leaning into the wind. Had to slow to under 60 km  and an hour later past Puerto Mandryl and fueled up

    Had lunch in an old Welsh settlement “Trelew”, what was another hour more south.

     After lunch we had to go another 400km to Comodoro Rivadara and there was nothing in between except heavy breeze and there supposed to be a gas station halfway! After struggling for more as 6 hours, we finally reached this place and were cold and cramped up from the enduring of the weather elements, checked into an hotel in this big city and left the bikes packed in the parking lot, got some food  and beer and called it the night at 10 pm tired.

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