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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ushuaia, "Fin del Mundo"

Day 14 (220 km)

    The reason we bought the bikes more as 2 years ago was to reach Ushuaia and today we did it!
We made a few trial trips, one in Honduras for 10 days, one to Panama for 2 weeks, one to Mexico and this is the third trip in South America, The way we did it was after each period of 6 weeks of  travelling, we parked the bike in South America where ever we ended up and bought a round trip ticket back to Honduras for a few months and then continued again further south. It worked well so far and now we have to go north to Lima Peru, where our planes leaves on the 22nd of December back to Honduras, so we still have 5 weeks to get there one way or the other to catch that flight and leave the bikes somewhere in Peru in a parking lot!

    So today we left Rio Grande kind of late to make the last 200 km to Ushuaia and the first one hundred went well and from one mile to the next trees reappear and in the distance the first snow capped mountains were visible.

    Soon we rode a very interesting road through the hills and saw the big blue lagoons all over on the side of the road. It took 3000 km to see this and now we were in the middle of it.

    Reached Ushuaia around 4 pm and took the mandatory photo of the entrance of the last city south in the world! "Fin del Mundo", planning to stay for 2 nights and ended up in a very comfortable hotel in the centre, close to the dock.

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