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Friday, November 8, 2013

Mar del Plata, a few days!

Day 3,4 & 5 (0 km)

   After arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we had a little dispute with customs with the amount and tires we brought into the country, what is prohibited to bring in and can only done by Fedex or UPS. I told him we do not have them in Honduras and after a while not "understanding" each other, he let us go, mumbling to his colleagues and on the outside there was the bus terminal and carried us throughout the night to Mar del Plata and arrived their 5:30 am and Hernan, our friend was waiting on us and a few minutes dropped us off in the hotel, which had a good value for the $ 25.00 we paid and we will not need A/C anymore this trip and the weather was cool, but good. After settled in a few hours later we delivered all the new parts to the mechanic and started to rebuilt Scotty's engine and after explaining them which parts we wanted to get replaced, we left on my moto and of course 3 minutes later we had a flat tire and flashbacks came back to me from the previous trip in Bolivia.

     I walked the motorcycle back to the shop, took the wheel of and went across the street, where a place was what repairs tires and saw that the problem was that the valve had let a go from the tire, because of rust or tension. Good thing was I had a new inner tire and soon installed the tire and were back on our way to the hotel to take it easy after the 48 hour of travel to Mar del Plata

    Later that evening we paid one more visit to the shop and saw that the were making progress and so far no complications. Later that evening a good "Parrilla" dinner in an outside restaurant, which had heated gas lamps to keep guests warm. It gets pretty cool in the night, probably around 14/15 degrees Celcius with a lot of breeze. People eat late here and when we left around midnight, the place was loaded with people!

    Next day went back twice to the shop and later that day the moto was running on our second return, meanwhile we decided to buy both a new set of tires, because somewhere in this trip tires were due and might well get it in Mar del Plata and found some good Michelin tires. The $ 250.00 charge for front and back was not unreasonable and were glad we did this, what was one worry less for us. Checked our luggage out @ Hernan's house to see what we all got and hoping that we tomorrow evening can load the bikes at his house and leave Saturday to Bahia Blanca, what is 500 km west on paved road.

   That evening went back to the same restaurant and had another good steak and tried all the different beer they had in liters! Wartsteiner, Miller and Elsbeck.

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