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Sunday, December 1, 2013

San Carlos de Bariloche, the famous ski resort in South America

Day 27 & 28 (297 km)

   Saturday, day 27 was our rest day and that is all we did, besides checking over the bikes and finally I resolved my back fire problem for the last 2 years. All it was, was the metal ring gasket between the elbow of the exhaust and the cylinder. It was broken and missing a piece and that caused sucking air when I went to idle and the gas trapped in the elbow ignited! I put a lot of red gasket maker around it and next day when we left for the 300 km ride, I could not believe the difference and all went smooth, Had to fill up the tires at a gas station to get get from 18 to 29 psi in the rear tire and from 18 to 21 psi in the front, Still do not understand where that air went!

  Took route 40 again north and the road was all paved and hardly any traffic and the first little village was 120 km away and went again through beautiful landscape with the ice capped mountains on our left side and finally start climbing up to a 1000 meters and stayed most of the time around 600 meters to one thousand. Had some lunch on the road and around 2 pm reached a few lakes and closed in on Bariloche.

     Went a little bit out of town and found an hostel on the 
lake, called Alaska.

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