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Friday, December 13, 2013

Puno, Peru

Day 40 (265 km)

  To get out of La Paz was easy this morning and a few blocks later we took the auto piste " La Paz~La Alto" to the top and soon were on our way to the Peru border about an 100 km away.
   Halfway there were some famous ruins of the Tanawaku era, who ruled there before the Incas and after a 2 hour stop we reach the border place, which was a chaos. We passed Bolivian procedures quick as well the Peruvian immigration and then the hassle started with customs.

   First they say come back 2 pm what I did and after seen a German got rejected to bring his car into Peru, because the title was not in his name even thou he had signed certified letters telling them he had permission, I already thought the worst for Scotty, who had a similar case. When it was finally my turn, my bike was processed quick and the customs guy told the German, who kept hanging around that this is how it has to be! Then when I did Scotty's paperwork, the guy said that Scotty' bike could not get in and arguing the case that the criterium is that the bikes owner can only bring the bike in, according Peruvian law, I showed him so many papers, that he finally agreed and made an exception and entered Scotty as the owner, instead of "Utila Dive Centre" what the title said. 3 hours later we left with some paper work and 2 hours later reached Puno on lake Titicaca, which is shared by Bolivia and Peru and is believed the biggest lake in South America at an altitude of 3750 meters.

      Puno was a good size city with thousands of people on the street and an half an hour later we found an hostel in the center and we're able to park our bikes next to our room in the kitchen area, so we did not had to unpack nothing and soon hit the town to get something to eat. Tomorrow if we make it Cusco!  

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