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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

la Paz, Capitol of Bolivia

Day 38 (352 km)

    Somehow we had to make it today to La Paz to stay on schedule and we left before 7 am, had some coffee and an egg sandwich. We drove all day @ 3800 to 4200 meter altitude and of course it started to drizzle a little bit, but on the end of the day, we did not get wet like yesterday.

  The highlight of the day was reaching La Paz in the afternoon and looking @ the city from the top of the mountain and see the soup bowl where are the buildings are deep down
  We decided to stay 2 nights, parked the bikes in a parking lot and went looking for a Chinese restaurant . We did not see one our whole trip yet! Later came to find out that my laptop is not starting up windows, so using Scotty's iPad, but in that one I can not upgrade the map and upload photos for some reasons.

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