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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No progress today in Bolivia

Day 37 (230 km)

  Looking out of the window, all I saw was clouds and rain squalls, but we still packed the bikes and hoped for the best. Went through the same hassle again to get fuel and the first one did not want to sell any and the second one did and we paid her 7 bolivar for a liter ( $ 1.00)

   Took off in the rain and after get out of town, we were all ready soaked and the luggage as well.
After about 30 km we ended up on the wrong road and decided to turn back and then Scotty's moto stalled out and did not wanted to start anymore in the middle of nowhere . After emptying the carburetor she started again and made it to a village and could work on the bike, but no mechanic!
So the little knowledge I had, we decided to take of the carburetor ourselves and play with it.
After cleaning it, I lost the pin from the float and was never be able to find it back, so we made one from a needle, then reassemble everything and it worked, I could not believe myself!

   So finally we left 2 pm, still raining to the next town Chalapata and reached there cold with frozen fingers and feet. Checked in the only shitty pension there was and took a hot shower and start unpacking the motos, to see what all got wet. After all it was not to bad.

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