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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Route 40, moving north from the cold to the heat!

Day 30 (470 km)

   Today, we trying to jump on the map north as much as possible and left 8 am sharp the hostel after a good breakfast, we prepared ourselves. Soon we were the only traffic on this lonely paved highway and we cruised 100+ km p/h on an altitude between 750 and 1100 meters. Passes through an arid desert area with some nice mountains as backdrop and soon the ice capped mountains disappeared as well.

      It started cold this morning, around 4 degrees C, but soon we hit 30 degree Celsius and had to take layers of clothes off to keep up with the heat. There was not a cloud in the sky, but plenty of breeze again, so we had to concentrate not to be blown of the road.
   The first small town we came across was Zalapa, about 270 km away and filled up with gas. After that Scotty could not start his bike and after eventually taken off all his bags and by looking at the battery, we found the problem. Both terminals were broke off and after fixing this as good as we could, we got the bike started but realize, he had to buy a new one!

   The next town 200km away, we filled up with gas again and again the bike wouldn’t start, so it was time to look for a battery in this small town. We found a 14 amp one for $ 125.00 and Scotty had to buy it and wait at least 3 hours for the battery to be charged up slowly, so we called it the day.

    We found an hotel around the corner and were glad the room had A/C, you definitely needed that in this place called ”Chos Malal”.  We picked the battery up around 7 pm installed everything and went looking for some food and beer! To our surprise we came across Vicente for the third time, an old guy in his sixties, maybe seventies. First we saw him in Puerto Jaidal, Chile, then in Esquel,  Argentina and now here. He has a Honda Tornado 250 cc and all he rides is ripio off the beaten track

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