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Monday, December 2, 2013

7 Lake road through the Andes

Day 29 (253 km)

  After breakfast, we made a loop in Bariloche through the ski area called Llao Llao and took a cable lift up to the top of one of these mountains and after the photo shoot took of for San Martin de los Andes, a small touristic town about 200 km north of Bariloche.

       It is actually the road going there what is interested and is called the 7 lake road, which swings through the mountain valleys with on both sides blue crystal lakes and of course a small stretch of ripio in between.

    Got there after four and found a youth hostel, which we are using a lot now, because of there kitchen and storing food, the rooms are ok and usually have fast internet.

   Lately, we not covering a lot of distance, but if we want to get to Lima, we have to cover more kilometers and hopefully start doing that from tomorrow on. It is still at least 5500 to 6000 km and have to do this in 17 days!

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