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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Closing in on San Rafael!

Day 31 (522 km)

     Today, three of us took off for a trip through the desert on route 40 and as usual no other traffic and the day was soon 35 degree Celsius again and we were making good time. The Spanish guy "Vincente had to go about 250 km to meet some other friends from Buenos Aires and this old man was a pro on his Honda Tornaado 250cc and on ripio he went 80+ km, where I went only 30 km and struggling! So after a couple of hours on bad ripio for me we ended the last 2 hours in winds of 100 km+ and finally we reached his meeting point and had a good time together

   We continued another 200 km to San Rafael and reached there 7 pm, rode through main street and checked in the first hotel, we encountered. This small ciity was busy outdoors in the evenong and soon found a terrace to get some beer to get rid of the dust we caught the last few hours!


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