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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bolivia, 4000 meter high again!

Day 35 (456 km)

   Sunday morning we left the outskirts of Salta for the Bolivian border about 350 km away on route 9 north. This road was paved and the first 100 km went through a forest road high up on the edges of some mountains and the road was not wider as 4 meter and had a curve every 10 ft.
    I could not go through the curves as I wanted, because my bike is top heavy with luggage and with very low speed the front tire feels wobbling and hard to steer! So finally coming out of the woods, the road climbed very quick to 3500 meters and we stayed the rest of the day at that altitude.

   We reached the border around 2 pm and between Argentina & Bolivian,immigration and Customs, I passed with flying colors and 5 minutes later I had done all my paperwork.
Scotty was not that lucky and the guy gave him a hard time and did not wanted Scotty's bike to enter in Bolivia, because the authorization letter, he had, had errors in it, wrong passport number and a mistake in the vin number. After I had a little "discussion" with the official, he let us go and told him to take the rest of the day off!

  Once in Bolivia, we wanted to get away from the border and after changing some money, we took off for Tupiza, a place 100 km away on a paved road with of course no traffic and looking in a distance we thought for sure this time, rain will hit us, but missed us by seconds after arrival.

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