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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flat tire again in the desert!

Day 32 (402 km)

             I decided today to change my sprockets and chain, I been tightening up the last 4 weeks and there was hardly any teeth left on the sprocket, found a mechanic in San Rafael and 2 hours later all was done and we were ready to make another 500 km 

  2 hours later passed through Mendoza, filled up with gas to make another 200 km to San Juan in 35 degrees C. The landscape, we drove through was dry, empty and a straight line and the mountains kept on our left side.

   Then of course about 75 km before I had another flat tire, a thorn penetrated my tire and punctured my pneumatic tire. This was I believe flat tire number 13 against Scotty none!

   Anyway, a local guy helped me with carrying the whole wheel to a Gomeria, 5 km down the road and 2 ours later, I was ready to go again and reached San Juan late in the evening and called a day and it was too hot to go any further and was burned out of all the mishaps today.

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