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Friday, December 6, 2013

Still on Route 40 to the North, longest road in the world!

Day 33 (536km)

  Today, we trying to make a big jump to the north, otherwise we never make it on time in Lima Peru.
One lesson learned long time again is, do not ask locals for direction or ask them how the road is, because none of them know or tell you the wrong thing. So I choose to continue on 40, even though I might get some more ripio, but then the scenery will be always good, so we left 8:30 and before 1 pm we already did 300 km and had an extensive asada lunch. The owner told us the road will be closed till 7 pm, because there is heavy road work on the 2000 meter pass, which was coming up and there is no-way to get around this. I saw the road was blocked with empty drums, but no sign "Alto", so on our way back from lunch , I told Scotty to keep behind me and when I make a left just follow me and reaching the crossing, I took the police man off garde and on the last minute we disappeared on the forbidden road and Scotty did the same thing!

  After a 45 minutes we reached the pass and another guy stopped us and we were arguing for more as an half an hour and then they let the 2 loco gringo's go and told us to be be careful, there are a lot of earth movers on the road.

  Reaching the top, the road became very windy, steep and no more as 6 ft wide and everywhere you so dynamite explosions, to clear rock formations and Caterpillar had a couple of million of material here present, but the sight was incredible!

   After we reach the bottom of the mountain, we continued north and ended up tired in a small hole called "San Blas". We ended up actually in a cheap basic hotel, but it had all the good stuff.

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