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Friday, March 14, 2014

We took the old road by mistake to Cuenca

Day 12 (217 Km)

    It was raining and foggy when we wanted to leave Loja, but decided to go anyway to see if we could make it to Cuenca about 200 km down the road. This road supposed to be the most scenic road of Ecuador and we made a more scenic by taking the old road by mistake on a small narrow bush road full of potholes through the mountains and valleys.

      Of course we were the only traffic and 2 our later we joined the main paved road and soon hit the 3500 meter with gorgeous views, twists and curves.Around 2 pm we reached Cuenca a big colonial town with a very busy center with lots of cars in a traffic jam and it took me 2 hours in this chaos to find an hotel and accommodation. 

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