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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Downhill to Nasca, where the famous "Lines" are!

Day 4 (342 Km)

    All night I heard it rain, but towards morning it stopped and around 6 am I went out of the room to fix Scotty’s chain, what was to lose. After having it fixed, we had breakfast and left the hotel around 8 am and soon hit the 4000 + meter altitude and stayed there most of the day and sometimes reached 4700 meters. The scenery was incredible with lots of twistbacks. Our luck ran out and rain came and soon we were soaked and cold and on top of that the fog became so thick, we couldn’t see anything anymore.

  Towards the end of the day we descended to Nasca, which had an altitude of 600 meter and the sun came out again and most of our stuff was dry again before we reached the hostal down town. They let us parked our bikes in the reception area and were hassled immediately about the tours available in Nasca,

      Nasca is famous about the lines only visible from the air, who the old inhabitants carved in the desert and up to today the meaning of these lines has different explanations why they were made. After a few beers we decided to take a plane the next day to see the lines from higher altitude, expensive but probably worthwhile.

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