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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back to Peru, to pick up our bikes and ride them home!

Day 1 & 2 (0 km)

    Monday was the day, we had to go back to Peru, to see if we can make the last phase of our South America trip back to Utila, Honduras. So we took the Yate to La Ceiba,  Bus to San Pedro airport and arund 2 pm we checked in with Copa all the way to Cusco, but with 4 different flights to go, we had to do a lot of airport hopping. As usual Copa asked for a ticket to show them that we had an onward or return ticket out of Peru and I showed,  my home made fake ticket from Lima to Atlanta for the end of March with our names on it and all the other crap on it and as usual they excepted it and later I threw the ticket away after we left Honduras airspace.

     Next morning around 7 am we reached Cusco and half an hour later we had breakfast in the hostal, where our bikes were parked. Tried to start the bikes little later and with some starting fluid we got the bikes going on the very last juices of our batteries. We arranged all our equipment, rested a little bit to get used of the 24 hour no sleep and went in the afternoon town to see, if we can buy insurance somewhere, what is obligated and it seems  to be an hassle, if we go without it, passing police road blocks in Peru.

  Can not get the insurance after walking around for an hour or so and decided to go without it tomorrow and see what will happen and if stopped show them something in another language and tell them " this is our insurance"
   Went back to the hostal to rest for later this evening.

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