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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Test drive through the mountains to Chalhuanca.

Day 3 (316 km)

       Woke up in a cold room and still had an headache of the altitude and to make things worse, it started to drizzle, but the coffee was ready and soon the drizzle stopped and we packed the bikes, started them again and surprisingly both ran right away and nine o'clock we left towards the first town named Abancay. Quickly we reached 4100 meters and the bikes were still running great  and a little later we went downhill to 1900 meters and the sun came out , the headache disappeared.


       Soon we climbed again to 4000 meter and around 2 pm we reached Abancay, but it was to early to stop, so decided to go to the next place called Chalhuanca, another 120 km away, but the road winded through a narrow canyon with a big river next to us and we were making good time on this beautiful sloped road that went from 2200 meters to 2900 meters gradually over the next 2 hours, following the river and 4 pm we reached. Found an Hostal with an inside parking patio and decided to stay after we found out there was internet. Dinner sucked, because there was nowhere in town cold beer available, just room temperature on the shelf! Will never understand Bolivia and Peru, why there is no cold beer and most of them having a refridge plugged in for the soft drinks!

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