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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ecuador, whole different country and high up in the Andes again!

Day 11 (348 Km)

     Left early Sullana to get to Ecuador and an hour later we were there already, but ended up being on the wrong border! Eventhou my GPS said more or less we were going the right way, on the end we were not and this beautiful paved road went basically to an isolated border post "Alomar". The custom guy said it is between 12 and 16 hours on terrible road to Loja, the town I wanted to go to, but I could not believe him and on the end I ignored him eventhou the young guy looked "smart"

  After finishing our Sol's on a ceviche breakfast, we continued to the Peruvian immigration to check out and he was making up a story the border of Ecuador had no system and told us, we had to go all the way back to Sullane and then take the "right" road to Macara, where Ecuador had system.  I told him I was not going back and reenter the bikes into Peru again and told him I will deal with the Ecuador immigration and customs, just give me my exit stamp. After arguing a while he gave me the stamp and we left full blast on a perfect road into Ecuador. No police, immigration or customs insight and after about 20 km finally we saw a police and he said: don't worry just drive through Ecuador to the other border place and do your paperwork over there and around noon we reached Macara and within the hour, we had all paperwork done and were legally in Ecuador.

   The road from Macara to Loja was 200 km but it was a beautiful one and soon we hit 2500 meters again, but it started to drizzle and thick fog was all around, but on the other side of the mountain pass it started to clear up and descended into the first valley to 1200 meters and after leaving, we climbed again to 2600 meter and leveled of in Loja @ 2000 meters. Loja is an old colonial town and was quite big and a lot of people on the street. Soon found an Hotel in the center and had a few beers for only $ 1.50 a medio liter! and a good meal to celebrate we left Peru. In Ecuador there local currency is the US Dollar, but you can not spend notes bigger as $ 20.00 and they do not use one dollar bills, but use one dollar coins and there local coins!
Gas only $ 1.48 a gallon, I start to like this country more and more.

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