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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bogota, made it where we started in South America!

Day 22 (482 Km)

       Took my last $ 5.00 bone crushing session @ 7 am, had breakfast @ eight and left @ 8:30 am.
Got some help from some locals to put the bike on the road and after a photo session.

 I started a little nervous the 30 km descent on a dirt road to La Plata. Only used the second gear, because I still can not shift with my stiff left leg, although I attached a rope from the shift pedal to the handlebar and if necessary, could pull with my right hand to shift to higher gear. With the weight from my foot I could easily downshift! After a while I got the hang of it and after we reached the paved road, it became easier .

      I decided to go as far as possible to Bogota and around 4 pm, we started to look for an hotel and that was about 100 km before Bogota. We ended up on an main access road to Bogota, starting from 500 meter and ended up 2800 meter high and had a traffic jam for the last 100 km with standstill traffic and we had to ride between the standstill traffic in between the traffic lanes and on the side and this must have been the national sport for all the motorcycles in Colombia!

     Anyway 8 pm we reached Bogota and Scotty's motorcycle has been cutting out the last 2 hours, due to probably bad gas and his electric system is not working as well irregular, looks like the battery poles are loose, but then I never believe, two things happen on the same time and will

find out tomorrow what the problem is, but finally we reached the hotel, a taxi driver showed us and I believe, it is near the airport, so that was good, because we have to check out tomorrow, how we get these bikes to Panama again.

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