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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Quito, another capital in S.A, 2850 m high.

Day 14 (213 Km)

         The hotel, we stayed in was a lousy one, no hot water, no internet and room was moldy, so glad we left early to see if we would make Quito. After 30 minutes we saw a fancy Hosteleria on the side of road and decided to get a proper breakfast instead of the usual chicken soup with rice and what else they had left over from last night! The breakfast was a buffet with all the stuff available, you can think about and finally after an hour I was full, probably for the rest of the day.

  Another 3 hours on a beautiful paved 4 lane and 6 lane road, we reached Quito and 5 minutes later we found a good hotel downtown in the the new section of town, where most nightlife, bars and restaurants are. We decided to stay 2 nights to catch up with our maintenance of the bikes and reorganizing our wet stuff.

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