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Monday, March 10, 2014

Trujillo, spending a day in a "Taller"

Day 8 (0 Km)

      Today was the day to fix motorcycles and started with a taxi in front of me looking for one. Soon found one decent one and told him all our problems. We wanted to change tires, correct the handle bar, change chain, & sprockets and get Scotty's swing arm fixed, which was severely damaged, more as I thought after inspecting this yesterday.

  So left with another taxi back to the hotel, to pick Scotty's bike and all the spareparts we had and returned back to the work shop, where I found spend the next 12 hours to oversee that all was done how I wanted it, and without leaving so that everyone stayed there attending to our 2 bikes

  To make the story short, my headlights is working again, changed my oil and filter and changed my rear tire to a Pirelli for $ 65.00. Scotty's bike they had to take the bar handle to a laid/press to straighten it out, take the swing-arm off and solder the missing aluminum back in, make new bushings and hand-make the rubber protecting the aluminum, change the sprockets and chain and also a new rear tire. All this while Scotty was in the room resting his leg and still is not able to walk on, will see what happens tomorrow.

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