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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Central America, back to rice and beans again!

Day 23, 24 & 25 (0 Km)

      Repacked all the bags and after fixed Scotty's electric and gas problem, we took off to the airport to see if we could ship the 2 moto's to Panama. We arrived @ Girag freight company and went to see the office people to find out what they need from us to ship it. It was the same company we used 15 months earlier from Panama to Bogota, but the procedures are different in Colombia. Here you need a broker and after getting the address about 10 minutes away from the airport, I visited LynCargo and all went fast there and an hour later I had paid the $ 1030 freight for each bike and the told me to go back To Girag and someone will come there to finalize the process @ 2 pm from LynCargo. So the guy came @ 3 pm and we did the running round with him to get a stamp here and there and around 8 pm we were finished and the bikes were inside the warehouse. The only thing short was the next day of the police to search our luggage and that happened @ 8 am next day, so we had to go back again to be present.

   We found an Hotel near the airport to save on taxi's in a run down area and ordered our online tickets from United Mileage Program, But after I had my ticket secured for Thursday 9 am, I could not get Scotty's ticket for the same flight, but found one @ 2 pm to Panama. 

  Next day Thursday, I left 6 am for the airport and took my COPA flight to Panama and walked through immigration, when I received an email that the bikes were already in Panama and ready to be picked up. So around none I was @ Girag cargo terminal and around 2 pm I had both bikes out of the customs and were delivered to me and also got a police permit to drive in Panama, so all was set ready to go!

    Went to the Hotel, near the airport where we stayed many times now, got a room and picked Scotty up around 5 pm coming from his Bogota flight and after this, we went to pick up his bike by Girag terminal as well. I had his bike already earlier parked outside the gate and 6 pm all was done and now it is beer time!

It was hard to believe all went this smooth the last few days and tomorrow we will be on our way towards Costa Rica.

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