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Friday, March 7, 2014

Early flight to see the "Lines" in Nasca

Day 5 (218 Km)

   Started 5 am to use the internet to update my blog after the computer failing on me yesterday.

Last night we arranged a flight tour to see the Lines, carved in the desert rock and it supposed to be good visible from an altitude of 600 meters. They picked us up 8 am and brought us to the small airport to board the small Cessna 207  During the 40 minutes the flight, we saw most off the images clearly and soon after that we were back in the hotel and checked 
out around 10 am, then we left for Paracas. 

      No more mountains this time and all from here is flat and dry and very hot and a lot of head breeze, what reminded to Patagonia. Had lunch in Ica, where we met 3 Frenchman on bicycles from Alaska to Ushuaia and felt sorry for them. On a motorcycle is hard enough and saw many of them walk the bicycle uphill in the mountains for hours. 

      Soon after we arrived in Paracas and checked into an hotel near the beach. We parked the moto's next to our room and the owner mentioned something about there is a fiesta starting and probably noisy.  The place was laid back and had a nice beach promenade with lots of ceviche restaurants and all had cold beer! Little later, I found out my laptop didn't work again and gave up on that. will use Scotty IPad from now on, but it will have some restrictions, such as no more photo's  and GPS maps! But will still be able to post to Facebook the photo's and after the trip will update each daily blog. After a great Paella dinner, we went to the hotel, because the music noise was too loud and once back in the room, the noise  sounded even louder. So no sleep tonight!

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