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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More mountain roads towards Popoyan

Day 17 ( 260 Km)

    Woke up and it was drizzling again, had some coffee and croissants and while we start packing the bikes, the rain stopped and we took of for a famous sanctuary, called Las Lajas, what was only 10 km away in a gorge and was built from one side to the other side with the small river underneath. The site is a major tourist attraction and holy site for Catholic people. We spend about an half an hour and then backtracked to Ipiales to get on the main road to Pasto.                                                                  

    This narrow paved road went through the mountains with very tide curves and deep ravines on one side and if you see how some people overtake other trucks and cars it is hard to believe, nobody dies every 5 minutes on these roads, they have totally no respect for blind curves and must have seen dozens of close calls.

    Eventually, we descended from 3500 meters to around 500 meters and the sun came out and we had to take of some clothes and the temperature was more as 25 degree Celcius again and around 4 pm, we reached El Bordo, a small town 100 km before Popoyan and decided to stay here at an altitude of a 1000 meters

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