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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ingapirca, Inca ruins in Ecuador

Day 13 (298 Km)

   Drizzling again this morning and 7 am we had to get the moto's out of the parking lot, otherwise we had to pay $ 1.00 each hour more, so we left around 8 towards some Inca ruins about 60 km north. Reaching the turn off the road started to get confused, but an half an hour later we reached the sight and had a tour in Spanish. It was interested, but couldn't come close to Cusco. 

      We had some lunch and the owner said it would be about 3 hours to Riobamba and 2 pm we left and from that time, we only saw drizzle and thick fog. You could not see 2 meters away and it took us hours to get through this @ 2500 to 3500 meters and it was cold as well and everything wet! Not much fun and we did not see the scenery as well, which supposed to be spectacular !

      6 pm, I gave up when I saw an hotel in Cajabamba, about 20 km before Riobamba, we checked in, but the hotel, allthough new, was in bed shape and to make things worse, the hot water was not working @ 3000 meter high and I was still frozen and wet from the last 4 hours. All this made the day not any better. Dinner we had in the only chicken stand we could find and had to drink hot beer again, I still can not believe these people here, that they won't put beer in their refridge to cool, but then put fresco's in it, nobody drinks!

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